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cancun MLS serviceHelp selling or renting your place in Cancun

Are you trying to sell or rent property in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera? then search no more! you came to the right place.

This section of Houses in Cancun is for people looking to sell or rent their properties in Cancun and the Mayan areas of Mexico.
In order to fit diferent customers needs, we have two diferent schemes to help you Rent or Sell your Property quickly and safely. Please see below for details. And Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Comission Plan

In this scheme, you provide us with the necessary information about your property, as well as pictures. And we will advertise it, for as long as it takes, with no advertising charge whatsoever for you. We will act as a broker or reseller between you and all potential customers, and when we find a customer for your property and the transaction is complete, we will charge 5 percent sale comission.

Remember, in this plan you dont have to pay anything, untill your property is sold. This plan is ideal for people who dont want to spend money advertising their property, but still want the help from best Real Estate company in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Contact us to get started with the Comission Plan


Anual Advertising Plan

This plan does not require you to pay any sale comission to us, nor do we mediate the sale in any way.
The deal is made directly between you (the owner) and the customer. We only act as an advertising and promoting service, and anyone interested in your property can talk to you directly.
For this scheme, you provide us with the necessary information on your property as well as pictures of it, and we will add it to our Houses for sale (or houses for rent) section, and we will redirect anyone interested in the property directly to you.

The anual fee for this plan is $250 USD per property.

Contact Us to get started with the Anual Advertising plan